The terms and conditions of Mortgage loans with the Company will vary from time to time depending on a range of factors. The company will only lend on the security of registered Mortgages over real property in Australia, to a maximum of 80% of property valuation. The Company is unable to provide unsecured loans.

Provided the loan terms and conditions are followed, the Company will not charge any loan fees other than the agreed interest rate, an initial establishment fee, legal costs and disbursements associated with establishing the loan, costs associated with draw down of additional funds, and a final loan discharge fee.

A sworn valuation arranged by the Company is required and we are generally able to quickly approve loan applications, provided all relevant information is at hand.

All loan applications will be treated in the strictest of confidence. Hargraves Secured Investments Limited is able to fund loans for the following:

1. Rural
2. Residential
3. Commercial
4. Property Development

Loan Portfolio
Our current Loan Application is available for download on this website.

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