Hargraves Secured Investments Limited (ABN 74 089 001 267) was
incorporated as a public company on 17th August, 1999. The company
issued its first Prospectus on the 7th December, 1999 with its main
activities being the accepting of deposit of monies and lending the
funds invested on the security of registered mortgages over real estate
within Australia.
The company issues a Prospectus under the Corporations Act 2001 to
enhance the Company’s prospects of obtaining investments from the
wider community, while continuing to operate within the Company’s
prudential guidelines.

The Company holds an Australian Financial Services Licence No 241230
which authorises the Company to deal in debentures of the Company.

Through prudent management and conservative lending policies the
Company has offered efficient service to borrowers and depositors and
has enjoyed continuous steady growth and profitability.

Company’s Registered Office and
Principal Place of Business

18 Orr Street,
Yarrawonga Victoria 3730
T: (03) 5743-2666
F: (03) 5744-1774

Trustee for Debenture Holders
Melbourne Securities Corporation Ltd
Level 2, Professional Chambers
120 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Solicitors to the Company
Hargraves Solicitors
16 Orr Street
Yarrawonga Victoria 3730

Auditors to the Company
John L Bush & Campbell
30 Blake St

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